3 Ways to Master Time

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The past two years I’ve seen a tremendous impact on how focusing more on how I spend my time affects my ability to achieve my goals.

I set out to double my income and save up enough money to spend Winter in a warm climate. Thanks to tracking these goals with relentless focus, I ended up surpassing those goals and spent Winter in Costa Rica with Anthony and our dog Bowie.

I had never been one to have goals that I tracked and measured, but in pursuit of achieving my goals I’ve realized the importance of time. 

I’ve always been nostalgic for watches since I was primarily raised by my father (my mom passed away when I was 6) and I remember how much he loved his classic, leather band watch. My dad is my hero and so naturally as I became older and developed a passion for creating personal style, wearing a watch was part of my desire to express myself and keep track of time.

“Master your time [and you will] master your life” - Alan Lakein

Falconcara Entrepreneur Tips Jord Watches

I came across Jord watches years ago and only recently partnered with them to share their sustainable and unique watches that are mostly comprised of wood. Being a lover of nature, I love the ability to express myself while showcasing my passions. For this particular watch however I thought it would be even better to gift to Anthony to share my love of watches with him. I didn’t even realize at the time you can include a custom engraving on the back of Jord watches.

                                                    3 ways to master time

Falconcara jord watches

1. Elimate Distractions

Write down in your notebook or journal (go buy one if you don't have one!) what your biggest distraction is and make a boundary around it. For me it's being on social media too often (consuming not creating) so I aim to only go on when I've finished my work for the day.

2. Set a goal or revisit an old one

What does your heart desire? Your desires are a sign that this is what you are meant to manifest in your life. Write down what you currently want right now and by what date you want to achieve this goal. Why do you even want this goal and what are the next immediate steps you can take to achieve it? In my case I wanted to double my income so I wrote down where I wasn't making efficient amounts of money as a freelance photographer, I then set to create several income streams by pitching myself to agencies who needed freelance photographers. I also shifted my own business model from shooting weddings to shooting influencers and fashion bloggers. I also wrote down how much I needed to save per month to hit my goal, how much income I needed to make each month to hit my goal, and I always asked myself how I can create my next opportunity? If you want to know the secret of those who are "lucky" this is it. Those people are doing the work when no one is looking, a 10 year goal in public often seems like an overnight success. 

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 3. Link your goals with emotion

This is my favorite way to create instant motivation, try it! Tony Robbins says time is emotion. Just think of something you're really looking forward to like one of your goals, and next time you're feeling unmotivated think of how that goal makes you feel and remember why you want to acheive it, and how taking action toward that goal NOW will help you create that goal. It will help you to stop wasting time and re-align you with your goals. 









Are you a watch person? What's your current relationship with time? 


(Thank you to Jord Watches for partnering on this post)