How To Create the Ultimate Meditation Zone

how I went from avoiding meditating for most of my adult life to becoming HOOKED. 

For the longest time I resisted meditation.

The weird thing is, it’s always been around me. My dad has been practicing Transcendental Meditation (TM) since the 70’s, and as much as I've gotten into yoga, juicing, healthy living, etc… for well over a decade, I had NEVER felt drawn to meditation.

In college I tried meditation classes a couple of times and had a taste of the expansiveness meditation has to offer. As Eckhart Tolle writes about in his books, by observing your habitual thoughts, patterns and beliefs you'll learn who you truly are. 

Fast forward to a couple of years ago when Anthony and I tried a juice cleanse for the first time. The cleanse we did wasn’t just about drinking juice for 5 days straight, it was a total lifestyle reset

Every day we woke up at 7:00am, practiced yoga, and for the first time committed to meditating. I remember downloading the Headspace app for the first time, just hoping the guided voice would be enough because I sure as shit didn’t feel like intentionally trying this stuff out. Lets be honest, at the time I was going through some major food addiction and was resistant to really facing my demons.

Sure enough, the audio worked, and we committed to doing 5 consecutive days, 10 minutes every day of meditation. That small amount every day changed everything.

Shortly after, Transcendental Meditation came into our lives. Yes the one partially responsible for Russell Brand’s transformation, the one that’s meant to be one of the most powerful and deep meditation experiences you could have. I was skeptical of all the hype around it, of how ridiculous the prices were, and most of all the cult-ish vibe surrounding it. 

Well, $1,500 later (paid in installments) I was freaking HOOKED.

The technique is so simple it sounds even more ridiculous for paying such a large sum for learning it, but as I’ve learned from a wise soul, sometimes when you pay a BOMB for something it actually makes you commit to doing that thing. If TM only cost $1 I sure as heck wouldn’t have committed to over one year of 20-25 minute meditations, twice a day, no excuses. This technique really works, and I can speak about it now with even more conviction because I’ve gone more than 6 months without consistently doing it and I’m constantly feeling like a crazy person, with less inner space and less of an ability to handle shit that comes my way.

If TM isn’t for you then don’t worry! There are SO many different types of meditations out there (keep reading for more) and I’ve tried a ton of them that I wanted to share my favorites in hopes that one of them may resonate with you. And the great thing about meditating is you can use different types for different moments in your life. 

My Top Meditation Lessons

“Emotion is energy in motion” –TONY ROBBINS

 Uncomfortable feelings are blocked emotions that really just want to flow again. Sitting still will help regain the flow in your body, and therefore in your life.

Meditate When You Wake Up

Your brain will still feel calm enough before that urge to reach for your phone. Meditation at night can also be nice - I use the YogaGlo app, you could also use the Headspace app or my recent favorite, the Aura.

If you wake up already feeling all kind of frazzled, MOVE your body before meditation.

If this sounds like you, it could really help to move your body and get that nervous energy out before you’re ready to sit down. I equate it to dog training. When we first adopted our puppy Bowie, I had read in How to Raise the Perfect Dog that burning off your dog’s excess energy through exercise will relax their nervous system and therefore calm them enough to take on a training session. You’d be surprised how well this trick works for meditation.

Meditation doesn’t have to be an event, it can be a way of life.

I learned this concept from one of my mentors Gabrielle Bernstein. She says if you make meditation a moment-to-moment experience, you’ll feel far more calm in your life than if you just stick to it as a once a day event. To do this, set multiple alarms on your phone to remind you take a few deep breaths every few hours throughout the day.


Ask how you feel, and pick a meditation accordingly: 

    Vipassana Meditation

     A silent form of meditation where you pretty much just in silence and observe whatever emotions arise. Being such an emotional, sensitive being at times this one forces me to confront my dark side. For this technique (and for all others) I suggest you start slow. Set a timer for 5 minutes, do it first thing in the morning before you get distracted, and just sit with what comes up for you emotionally. Breathe through it, know that your breath will transform that emotion and help it flow through rather than get stuck in your body.

    Guided Meditations

    Guided meditations can be a really lovely (and lets face it, passive) way of experiencing meditation and getting some good vibes out of it. I personally love one of my mentors Connie Chapman’s guided meditations because they really cut to the core in such a gentle way that makes you feel like it’s okay to feel whatever you’re feeling. Each meditation has a way of bringing you to the other side feeling completely taken care of and ready to take on your day. Again, the app Aura is also amazing. It asks how you’re feeling and pairs a guided meditation accordingly. 

    Meditones (I feel like this one deserves a whole section to itself)  

    I’m so happy and grateful I’ve discovered meditones because they’re such a unique auditory experience. Tahlee of Sonesence has created these gorgeous sounds, or rather vibrations that can pretty much tune you into a different frequency. It sounds super woo-woo which is why I LOVE it. If you love music then this one is bound to take you to new heights. If you sign up for her newsletter you can sample a track for yourself!

    Creating Your Zen Space

    Ritualizing the meditation experience can do wonders for your meditation practice. If you think it will help, experiment with creating a calm space.

    Designate your meditation spot or room: Claiming this spot will always help you feel calm. If you’re unsure, using this Feng Shui chart to discover your spiritual/knowledge room in your home may be a useful first step.

    Anchor a fragrance to your meditation experience: Light Palo Santo (Known as "Holy Wood," Palo Santo is an uplifting scent that can help cultivate creativity and abundance) or Essential Oils (Frankincense for spirituality, Cedarwood for grounding).

    Crystal healing: Purchase a few crystals at a local shop or on Etsy that will help attune your energy. Lonely or heartbroken? Try rose quartz. Feeling financial lack? Try Citrine. Close your eyes and while holding your crystal and set the intention to you want to create. Crystals have a concentrated frequency of energy that helps attune our energy to a higher vibration (if your eyes are double-glazed just take in what feels good and leave the rest). More posts to come on how crystals work and how to pick the right crystal for your needs. 

    Action steps:

    Pick one day this week to try meditating and PUT IT IN YOUR SCHEDULE. If it’s not in your schedule it doesn’t exist (trust me, I was once the world’s best procrastinator). Pick one of the above techniques and commit to doing it first thing in the morning for at least 5 minutes. Write a comment below sharing your meditation experience!

    To our health,

    Falcon xx

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