Connect with Nature in California (by Falconcara)


The Beginning

This blog is a long time coming. Ever since I was around 12 years old I’ve kept a daily diary where I would enter the innermost personal details of my thoughts and feelings. I would write lists of things I was currently obsessed with, the lows and highs of my day, etc… as I became older my journal was filled with some of the darkest moments of my life: Self-loathing, body dysmorphia, the pain I felt each time someone broke my heart… my physical journals soon evolved into online chronicles of my life along with the evolution of technology and the internet. 


My First Time

Creating an account on Livejournal was pure freedom. I could be whoever I wanted to be, for better or worse; it was my first experience of crafting an edited version of my life and identity online. As much as I aimed to be raw I still masked certain parts of myself, as you do when you’re in high school and suddenly realize you have an audience to write to. Eventually it became contrived, too forced. As I was rapidly growing in my spiritual development I felt judged, and maybe because I had been judging my old self for the illusion I had created around who I wanted to be. As much as I was in love with the process of writing in my online journal, I rarely felt like I was being true to myself. Toward the end of my Livejournal days I began writing private posts where I could truly become unfiltered. That soon led to creating off shoot blogs on Blogspot on a whim as it pleased certain seasons of my life. One Summer I created a blog called August Daze, where I posted any and all things that inspired me that Summer. It included everything from mundane photos of fruit I bought at the store that day, or deep revelations I was having from newly discovered music. 


Internal Struggle

I always intended to start a “real” blog, to finally have a public space to share what I wanted to share, from the most authentic place possible. As my health journey began at the age of 15 it’s been a rollercoaster of emotions and perceptions of what my life was compared to what I wished it were. I’ve struggled with everything from disordered eating and attracting the wrong relationships to low self-esteem and feeling addicted to sugar. At the same time I felt my spiritual path blossoming. I discovered yoga, meditation, spiritual texts, the Law of Attraction, A Course in Miracles, etc… I’ve always felt this frustration of living in extremes and not having the space to be my authentic self, to finally overcome and hopefully help others once coming out of the other side. 


"During the past three years I feel like I’ve gained the traction that I’ve desperately wanted to become more of myself."


The Breakthrough

It honestly wasn’t until I adopted a Vegan diet in 2014 that I finally broke through the mental prison that is disordered eating and was able to finally, fucking finally create space to create a life I truly wanted. I started to look at my career, relationships, everything in a new light. I began to see what truly fit into my life and what didn’t. I also was finally able to become consistent in my growth. I committed to a path of Veganism, learning as much as I could about nutrition, and I also committed to a path of yoga. During the past three years I feel like I’ve gained the traction that I’ve desperately wanted to become more of myself, and also moreso so I can start to share the lessons I’ve learned along the way, through my experience with everything from meditation to crystal healing and how essential oils have been an absolute game changer for me. The best part is I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that I’ll never be perfect. I’m currently dealing with health issues even now, but instead of wallowing in them as I would in the past, I’m taking action and learning as much as I can so I can maybe help someone else dealing with this same stuff in the future. 


New Beginnings

So all that being said, I truly hope for this blog to be a space where you can feel inspired (+ take action), where you can find yourself through my lessons, and hopefully join the conversations I wish to have about everything I’m deeply feeling for better or worse about many misconceptions I’ve fallen for around the health + wellness industry as well as what it means to just be a healthy human in 2017, given the myriad distractions and stressors we’re currently faced with on a daily basis. 


More than a Caption

My original inspiration for this blog was to extend what I really want to say beyond an Instagram caption. if you’ve been following me for a while you know I love short and sweet captions with a few long rants or confessions thrown in there. I truly want this blog to be a way for us to connect further and deeper as I would in any friendship. Thank you so much for taking time to explore my little piece of the internet, I’m truly grateful for your attention.

To our health, 

Falcon xx

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